Flamed v3

Flamed v3

Flamed is a package for dealing with ATAPI/SCSI CD/DVD-ROM drives with
VB6 under Win 98/Me/NT/2K/XP.

Windows 98/Me: ASPI driver required
Windows NT/2K/XP: Administrator priviledges or ASPI driver required

Flamed v3 now fully supports ASPI and SPTI,
doesn't need any dependencys anymore,
and has a lot of more features.

Flamed v3 isn't a heavy app anymore like the 2 previous
versions, now it consists of 11 copy'n'paste friendly
little demonstrations of how to use the mighty
clsCDROM - modMMC combination.

Flamed v3 comes with the following demos:

1) Audio CD Writer - An Active X DLL which shows how
to write WAVs and MP3s to CD-R/W.

2) Audio Info - Reads CD-Text (if availalbe/supported)
and generates a CDDB ID.

3) CD Info - Collects various information about discs

4) CDDA Grabber - Simple: Simple demonstration of how to
read an audio track and save it to a WAV.
Advanced: Active X DLL with tons of
features to grab audio tracks.

5) CD-RW Eraser - Blanks CD-RWs either in quick or full mode.
Full blanking can take up to half an hour!
The app will freeze while blanking,
so please be patient.

6) Data CD Writer - Active X DLL to write data to disc.
First generates an temp. ISO image and then
writes it to disc.

7) Drive Info - Collects various information about drives

8) Sectorsbrowser - View sectors of a disc.

9) simple - demonstration of the class's main features.

10) TOC reader - Reads a disc's TOC

11) Tray Handler - is drive locked/open, open/close drive,
lock/unlock drive


Flamed v3: download

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